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Eelko van Iersel (portret), photography by Thea van den Heuvel ©

Eelko van Iersel (portret), photography by Thea van den Heuvel ©

Eelko van Iersel

Warmth, light and power radiate from the non-figurative oil paintings of Eelko van Iersel (1976). It is his intention that the paintings have a positive effect on the surroundings. They give your home, business or presentation space dynamics and stillness.

The viewer’s imagination is stimulated regularly by the organic planes of color and compositions. This causes the viewer to recognize images and stir up memories which lead to concrete depictions in the paintings, that originally were intended to be non-figurative.

Eelko creates the paintings by hand, without the use of paintbrushes. He uses different types of paint, as well as sand and oil paints, making the surface of the paintings layered and strong. The use of materials and the intense color combinations result in energetic and expressive works of art.

All paintings have been given a Spanish title. This comes forth from his love for Andalusia, Latin America and the Spanish language.

From his vision and belief there is “always and everywhere” inspiration.
“All I have to do is open up to the inspiration that is present. This happens when I experience the silence within me and create from spirit”. In his paintings, the shapelessness manifests itself through the shape.

The artist wants to invite the viewer to take the time to view the works of art. Taking a quick look from one to the other painting is a missing the opportunity to let the work emerge on you. When you look longer space can emerge for silence, detachment and intimacy. Art is not just to be viewed at, art looks at us and acts as a reflection on yourself. It creates a dialogue between the viewer and the painting.

The photos on his WEBSITE give an impression of the paintings. The paintings are in real life more powerful. This is partly due to the robust materials and the imposing size. Eelko has chosen to present available paintings as well as paintings that have been sold, creating a broad picture of his craft. Every painting shows information about the work is available or already sold.


Art gallery Zeven Zomers

The number Seven (Zeven) is associated with mysticism, spiritualism and happiness. Summers (Zomers) refers to: warmth, sun, light, power and freedom. From that basis, the gallery presents contemporary art. The focus is on quality and expressiveness. The gallery continuously shows the oil paintings of Eelko van Iersel. The gallery also exhibits two-dimensional and three-dimensional work of different artists. These exhibitions are carefully compiled, so the art can reinforce each other. The displayed collection includes various disciplines. Besides paintings you can find sculptures in various materials and techniques, works on paper, glass art and photography.

Art gallery Zeven Zomers travels since 2003, “as a nomad”, showing her art at various locations. Currently the gallery is located in the inner city of Nijmegen: Houtstraat 74.

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